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The NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (NCS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI), established as a high-tech enterprise through integration of the functions of the National Iron and Steel Testing Center, National Center for Quality Supervision & Testing of Steel Products, Analysis and Testing Institute under the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute, National Metallurgical Industry Steel NDT Center, Analysis and Test Training Center of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute and CISRI Qingdao Marine Corrosion Institute, Beijing NCS Analytical Instruments Co., Ltd.

NCS has a wholly functional division devoted to testing and analysis equipment development, assemble and sales. The division is located at the north skirt of Beijing. Products are categorized as ICP OES, OES spectrometers, portable XRF spectrometer, gas analyzer, testing machine, NDT tester, and consumables. Sales network covers most areas of China mainland.

Development History

  • In 1952 the Steel Research Institute originated from the Steel Research Institute established in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China
  • In 1956 The Instrument Group of the Testing Institute of the General Institute of Iron and Steel Research was established, and the Steel Research NAK Instrument Industry started
  • In 1977 Steel Research NAK developed China's first vacuum molten gas analyzer
  • In 1991 China's first pulse infrared oxygen analyzer was born here, and the industrialization of the instrument officially began
  • In 2001 Beijing Nake Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. was registered and established, and the instrument sector entered a rapid development track
  • In 2003 led the major project of the National Science and Technology Research and Development Plan for the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, titled "Research and Development of Scientific Instruments"
  • In 2006 Gangyannake took the lead in launching high-quality domestic spark direct reading spectrometers, breaking the monopoly of nearly half a century abroad
  • In 2009 Gangyan Nake single scan ICP spectrometer achieved mass production, and ICP products entered the stage of industrial development
  • In 2011 took the lead in undertaking the national major scientific instrument special project "Development of ICP Trace Analysis Instruments"
  • In 2014 the Direct Reading Spectrometer (Labspark1000) was awarded the title of the first "Domestic Good Instrument"
  • In 2014 the oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer (ONH-3000) and carbon sulfur analyzer (CS-3000G) were awarded the title of "Domestic Good Instrument"
  • In 2015 inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (PlasmaMS 300) won the BCEIA gold medal, the highest award for domestic instruments
  • In 2015 the food heavy metal detector (NX-100F) won the highest domestic instrument award, BCEIA Gold Award
  • In 2017 the Direct Reading Spectrometer (SparkCCD 6000) won the highest domestic instrument award, BCEIA Gold Award
  • In 2019 the ICP spectrometer (Plasma 3000) won the highest domestic instrument award, BCEIA Gold Award

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