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After-Sale Service

1、 Annual maintenance services

Precision testing instruments require regular and professional maintenance, which can extend the instrument's lifespan by at least three years. This service package provides professional maintenance and upkeep for instruments, as well as one-year consumables for instrument use. Operators can come to Beijing for training without any training fees, and purchase spare parts during the contract period to enjoy a 95% discount.

2、 Instrument extension service

Low price insurance service to purchase annual insurance for your instrument. NAK Company provides an instrument warranty extension plan for the instruments sold, to solve software and hardware failures of the equipment during the warranty period. At the same time, we promise to arrive at the site within 24 hours and enjoy a 90% discount on purchasing spare parts during the contract period.

3、Instrument rental services

To address your temporary needs, our company has rented imported and nanogram spark direct reading spectroscopy, portable handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer, oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer, and food heavy metal detector. Gangyannake has a professional instrument technical service team of over 50 people, providing strong support for your equipment rental and use. In addition to leasing instruments, our company also provides technical services such as on-site operation instruments and on-site analysis and sampling.

4、Overall maintenance and contracting services for laboratory equipment

More than 30 years of experience in instrument research and development, manufacturing, foreign instrument agency, and service, as well as 60 years of modern laboratory operation and management experience carried by the National Steel Material Testing Center. Led by Academician Wang Haizhou, a research team of over 300 people, supporting services from national metrology calibration centers and national laboratory certification and recognition service institutions, covering 27 sales and service outlets across the country, Provide the most powerful support and maintenance for your laboratory improvement and equipment use.

5、 Hardware maintenance of analytical instruments

Our company has senior technical personnel who specialize in repairing electrical hardware faults of various instruments, including circuit boards and electrical components.

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