The global financial crisis is increasingly fierce, more and more industries affected.

From : ncs Time : 30 November,2014

ointly sponsored by powder metallurgy industry technology innovation strategic alliance and Taiwan powder metallurgy Association Second Session of Asian powder metallurgy APMA2013 assembly in 2013 November 3-6 day held in Xiamen smoothly, this is the international conference held in China for the first time in powder metallurgy. The theme of the Congress is "powder metallurgy -- the opportunity and the development of Asia", on exchange and extensive discussion on status and application prospect of powder metallurgy

new theory, new materials, new technology, new technology, new products, explore the challenges and opportunities facing the field of powder metallurgy institute. During the period, also held a "2013 National Conference and on both sides of the Straits of powder metallurgy, powder metallurgy technology seminar", "powder metallurgy products and Technology Exhibition" and "powder metallurgy industry technology innovation strategic alliance a Council of the three meeting of the Council and the" APMA "". From the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, Malaysia, mainland China and Taiwan powder metallurgy industry of institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions of the experts, professors, scholars and entrepreneurs were more than 500 people attended the meeting.