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Plasma 3000 (ICP-OES)

Instrument model:Plasma 3000 (ICP-OES)

Country of origin:江苏

Update time:2023-05-22

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Plasma3000 has capacity of quick quantitative analysis for all metal elements and some nonmetal elements. It

is widely used for element analysis in such fields as metallurgy, geology, material, environment, food, medicine,

petroleum, chemical industry, biology and water quality.

It has a wider dynamic linear range and lower background with a vertical torch dual view and a cooled corn

developed to remove the cooler plasma tail.

The self-excited solid radio frequency generator is effcient, stable, small in volume and fast in turning, capable of

ensuring high-precision and long-term stability.

The echelle polychromator delivers all the emission lines within the whole spectral range on the large-area CCD

detector simultaneously in a single exposure.

A powerful software system simplifes the development process for the analysis method. The tailored operation

software is developed according to application needs in various analysis.

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