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Plasma 1500 (ICP-OES)

Instrument model:Plasma 1500 (ICP-OES)

Country of origin:江苏

Update time:2023-06-02

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Single channel scanning ICP spectrometer adopts large area high line density plane holographic grating and Czerny Turner structure optical system, which has large luminous flux and high resolution.

Double grating design, high spectral resolution in the whole wavelength distribution range, the latest design of domestic ICP spectrometer.

High efficiency and stable solid-state RF generator, solid-state light source ICP spectrometer has small volume and fast matching speed, which ensures high-precision operation and excellent long-term stability of the instrument.

dual channel high sensitive PMT detector, wide dynamic range signal processing technology, has excellent detection ability. Within the range of UV spectrum, UV dedicated PMT is used automatically.

powerful software system simplifies the development process of analysis method, and creates simple and comfortable operation experience for users.

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