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CNX-808 Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Instrument model:CNX808

Country of origin:江苏

Update time:2023-05-22

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X-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology has many advantages, such as direct analysis of solid samples, wide range of analysis elements (B-U), wide dynamic range (ppm-100%), low detection limit, high accuracy, fast speed, automation, non-destructive testing, simple sample preparation, and simultaneous determination of multiple elements. It is an important detection instrument in the field of machine free multi-element testing technology.

Application field:

1. Geological sample field:

CNX-808 has developed application method systems for two types of samples in the geological field: pressed and melted samples, which can provide reliable detection data for geological research and mineral exploration.

2. Field of building materials samples:

CNX-808 has established a sample application method system for cement, coatings, and other materials to meet the analysis needs of various building material samples, achieving high-precision analysis of samples.

3. New material sample field:

CNX-808 can solve the challenges of wide, non-destructive, and all element distribution analysis in the field of new material research.

4. Ecological environment field:

CNX-808 has established an overall solution for the analysis needs of samples such as soil, plants, water sediment, and air particulate matter in the ecological environment. By studying the distribution characteristics of harmful heavy metal elements in soil layers and sedimentary layers formed during different periods, reliable indicator parameters are provided for environmental assessment.

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