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Instrument model:ONH3500

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Update time:2023-05-23

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A graphite crucible is placed on the holder and the impulse furnace is closed by the pneumatic system.The sample of typically 1g is dropped into the loading mechanism after weighing. The outgassing phase starts the analysis cycle to clean the furnace from Oxygen and Nitrogen out of the air.The sample loading mechanism release the sample into the now cleaned crucible.The oxygen content of the sample react with the Carbon from the graphite crucible to CO and the Nitrogen content to elemental N2 gas at temperatures of about 2200°C. Both gases were transported by the Helium carrier gas to the oxidation furnace where Copper Oxide converts the CO to CO2. This CO2 concentration is analysed by an infrared absorption detector and the Oxygen concentration is calculated.The Nitrogen is analysed afterwards by a thermal conductivity detector.

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