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Plasma 1500

Plasma 1500 (ICP-OES)

Plasma 1500 single channel scanning ICP spectrometer can be widely used for element analysis in metallurgy, geology, materials, environment, food, medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, biology, water quality and other fields.


  • Single channel scanning ICP spectrometer adopts large area high line density plane holographic grating and Czerny Turner structure optical system, which has large luminous flux and high resolution.
  • Double grating design, high spectral resolution in the whole wavelength distribution range, the latest design of domestic ICP spectrometer.
  • High efficiency and stable solid-state RF generator, solid-state light source ICP spectrometer has small volume and fast matching speed, which ensures high-precision operation and excellent long-term stability of the instrument.
  • dual channel high sensitive PMT detector, wide dynamic range signal processing technology, has excellent detection ability. Within the range of UV spectrum, UV dedicated PMT is used automatically.
  • powerful software system simplifies the development process of analysis method, and creates simple and comfortable operation experience for users.

Stable and efficient ICP spectrometer with all solid state source

  • All solid state RF generator, small size, high efficiency, automatic load matching, fast speed, high precision, all solid-state source ICP spectrometer can adapt to the testing of various complex matrix samples and volatile organic solvents, with long-term stability.
  • The design of vertical torch tube has better sample tolerance, reduces cleaning requirements and reduces the consumption of spare torch tube.
  • Simple torch tube installation and positioning design can make fast positioning and accurate position reproduction.
  • Low power standby mode, the output power is reduced and the gas flow rate is reduced. 
  • Real time monitoring instrument operating parameters to ensure efficient and reliable communication.
Precision optical system
  • Czerny Turner structure optical design, using a large area of high line density plane holographic grating, optical transmission efficiency is high, spectral line quality is excellent.
  • Precise wavelength driving technology, 1 meter optical system focal length design, have excellent wavelength positioning accuracy.
  • Double grating design, high spectral resolution in the whole wavelength distribution range, the latest design of domestic ICP spectrometer.
  • Equipped with optical filter system, it can automatically switch according to the wavelength, effectively remove spectral interference and reduce optical noise.
  • The technology of gas atmosphere maintaining and multi-point gas charging in the light chamber can shorten the charging time of the light chamber, improve the sensitivity and stability of ultraviolet spectrum, and can be measured after starting up.
  • The gas path of the light chamber is independent and can be filled with nitrogen or argon.
  • Stereo temperature control system ensures long-term stability and no drift of optical system.
Injection system
  • The instrument is equipped with a series of optimized injection systems, which can be used for testing high salt / complex matrix samples and hydrofluoric acid samples.
  • Using removable or integrated torch tube, easy to maintain, fast conversion, low cost ICP spectrometer.
  • High precision flow valve or mass flow controller is used to control the flow of cooling gas, auxiliary gas and carrier gas to ensure long-term stability of test performance.
  • 4-channel 12 roller peristaltic pump, pump speed can be adjusted continuously to ensure the stability of sample introduction.
  • High sensitivity PMT detector, full spectrum response, wide dynamic range and low signal noise.
  • By selecting a special PMT detector in UV band, the detection ability of UV spectral line is greatly improved.
  • Wide dynamic range signal processing technology can improve the detection ability of samples and obtain more rapid and accurate analysis results.
Software system
  • The user-friendly interface design, fluent and easy to understand, easy to use, for analysis and application optimization software system, without complex method development, can quickly carry out analysis operation, simple and easy to use ICP spectrometer.
  • The software spectral line library has more than 70000 spectral lines library, which can intelligently prompt potential interference elements and help users select and analyze spectral lines reasonably.
  • The software supports standard curve method, standard addition method and other analysis methods, and has many data processing methods such as blank deduction, internal standard correction and interference correction. Easy test mode setting, intuitive test results display, with a variety of report output formats.

Output power: 700w-1600w, continuous 1W adjustable
Power stability: ≤ 0.1%
Frequency stability: ≤ 0.01%
Matching method: automatic matching
Electromagnetic field leakage radiation intensity: < 0.5v/m

Technical parameters of injection system:

Torch tube direction: vertical placement
Torch tube: integrated torch tube, with 0.8mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm (quartz or ceramic) for central tube
Atomizer: concentric atomizer or parallel channel atomizer, with outer diameter of 6mm. Standard atomizer, high salt atomizer and hydrofluoric acid atomizer can be selected.
Spray chamber: swirl atomization chamber, double barrel atomization chamber and HF resistant atomization chamber can be selected.
Peristaltic pump: 4 channels, 12 rollers, continuously adjustable speed

Optical system parameters
Grating marking (optional)

Double grating (4320g / mm + 2400g / mm)

The range of spectral lines was analyzed
165nm-800nm 2400g/mm
165nm-550nm 3600g/mm
165nm-450nm 4320g/mm

Focal length: 1000mm

Constant temperature of light chamber: high precision constant temperature 33 ℃± 0.1 ℃

resolving power
≤0.012nm 2400g/mm
≤0.008nm 3600g/mm
≤0.006nm 4320g/mm

Detector  high sensitivity PMT detector

Observation mode vertical torch

Detection limit sub ppb - ppb

Short term stability: RSD ≤ 1% (500lod)
Long term stability: RSD ≤ 1.5% (2h, 500lod)

SIZE  W x D x H (159cm x 65cm x 75cm)

Weight  About 200kg

Work environment

  • Laboratory humidity environment: relative humidity 20% ~ 80%
  • Purity of argon: not less than 99.95%
  • Exhaust: not less than 400 m3 / h
  • Power supply: 200V ~ 240V AC single phase; 50Hz ~ 60Hz; 4KVA