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Plasma 2000

Plasma 2000 (ICP-OES)

Plasma2000 has rich spectral lines, lower detection limit and more stable performance, capable of quick quantitative analysis for all metal elements and some nonmetal elements. It is widely used for element analysis in such fields as metallurgy, geology, material, environment, food, medicine, petroleum, chemical industry, biology and water quality.


It is suitable for sample analysis in fields and sectors such as geology, metallurgy, rare-earth and magnetic materials, environment, medicine and health, biology, marine, petroleum, chemical new materials, nuclear industry, agriculture, food inspection, water quality, etc. It can test approximate 70 elements from trace to normal amounts, quickly and accurately.

The echelle grating and crossed prism dispersion structure in combination with large-area CCDs for simultaneous display of all spectral lines of single exposure and “full-spectrum transient direct reading”. 

The programmable output power program has an automatic real-time tuning function for continuous 1W adjustment within 800-1600W, with a stability of above 0.1%.

Application engineers jointed in the software design team to provide tailored operational software for users.

Light source

Oscillation frequency: 27.12MHz

Output power range: 800-1600W

Optical system

Spectral range: 165-900nm

Resolution: 0.007nm at 200nm

CCD: 1024x1024 pixels

Single pixel area: 24umx24um


Dimensions: W X L X H (121cmX74cmX80cm)

Weight: 200kg

Operating environment

Room humidity: relative humidity: 20-70%

Argon purity: not less than 99.9997

Air exhaust: not less than 400m3/hr

Power supply: 220-240V, single phase, 50-60Hz; 5KVA